Wednesday, May 8, 2013


It is not a surprise that Christians still wonder if God speaks.I have heard people asking the question,how do you know that God is the one speaking? I have also asked that question myself,wondering within me who actually is speaking. One thing I have realised is that God speaks to his people,and His words are still the same.God speaks to us everyday and if we are sensitive to His Spirit we'll hear him.He speaks to us through His written Word,the bible,through people and by the inward leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible is the most important means of Hearing from God.And that is why we have to study our bible to know what God is saying to us. Everything we want to know in life can be linked to the bible. If we want to live a fulfilled life,the bible is there to help us,but we can only have knowledge of them when we study the bible. The book of Hosea 4:6 says "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge". God wants us to have knowledge of His Word so that we can live the life which He has called us to live.

During creation,God spoke and said "Let there be light,and there was light". So it all started in the beginnning. When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden,God called out to Adam in Genesis 3:9,"And the Lord God called unto Adam,and said unto him,where art thou? In verse 10 Adam answered,"And he said I heard thy voice in the garden,and I was afraid,because I was naked,and I hid myself. They actually had a conversation,showing that God indeed speaks.

God wants to have a relationship with us,and we can not have a good relationship without commitment. We are committed to the relationship we have with our friends and family,we spend hours talking with them.The same way God wants us to spend quality time with Him. We have to walk conscious of the fact that we have a relationship with God.

Hearing from God is essential in our daily life,therefore we need to stay focused and learn not to procastinate when it comes to studying the bible. We must study the bible if we want to hear from God,the bible is His Word and He is not separate from His Word,He is His Word. God's Word are powerful and can do anything. It can make all things beautiful and can break the power of the enemy.

Many who wonder if God speaks,God speaks,and the good news is that we now have a solution,something that will help us know when God speaks.Imagine a color-coded study Bible and multi-media application that highlights when God speaks to us,even when man speaks. It makes reading bible easy and fulfilling,it's amazing. Operation Light Force (OLF) is a ministry devoted to equipping people to do what Jesus did,setting captives free,healing and preaching. Richard Mull is both the president and founder of OLF and the general Editor of the God Speaks Bible and many other books. He has been featured on TV and media.Help us share the good news.

Author:Victoria Aka
Silver Member.

Hosea 4:6
Genesis 3:9,10

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